BBC Backstage Xmas Bash

After the LPW, I followed a few other Perl mongers along to the BBC Backstage Xmas Bash. It looked completely empty when we got there, which was slightly disconcerting, but it just meant that the iceberg was 90% hidden, with all the action being downstairs.

Immediately on my arrival, I spotted Ribot and Devi from Future Platforms—always glad to see a friendly face. But they weren’t the only part of the strong Brighton contingent. I also bumped into Andy Budd and Aral Balkan, as well as James McCarthy. And I’m sure I missed a couple of people as well. It’s really good to let everyone know how much good talent is down in Brighton.

What was really nice about the party as a whole was the grand mixing of different peoples. The Perl people met the Ruby people who met the BBC people, etc. It felt like a huge great, noisy (very noisy) melting pot. Top marks to Aunty for putting it on!