SkillSwap on Typography

Last Thursday evening, Richard Rutter gave us a talk on Web Typography Sucks. It was a hugely successful event. It turned out that there were nearly 17 of us in the small room. Richard’s talk was essentially a preview of his SXSW talk, so if you can catch it there, I really recommend it.

Richard covered various aspects of what typography applies to the web (hint: it’s not just about fonts), and how we can improve on what we’re doing. He correctly pointed out that if the sun can do it, then so can we.

I was personally really pleased because a lot of the topics that he covered are things that I’ve had to a little bit of at work, but not really clearly got my head around. I now feel ready to go forward and make my next web site far more pleasant to read.

Interestingly, I’ve just noticed this article: Web Design is 95% Typography. How serendipitous.