Cat & Mouse

Our little darlings brought in a mouse last night. Just when I wanted to go to bed. Of course, at the first sign of us, they drop the little beggar and flee the scene of the crime. The poor little mouse is still alive and cowering by the skirting board. After much thought, I decide to lock a cat in the same room as the mouse until I don’t have a mouse problem any more.

Fat chance. The cat just claws at the door until I let it out again.

Insert Cat#2. This time it just sits there looking confused. I should point out that this is the one that caught the mouse in the first place.

So it falls to me to extract the mouse. After a long game of moving furniture and having the small creature jump out of my hands, I eventually managed to catch the little sod. At which point it sank its fangs into me.

So not only have the cats reduced the dignity of this home by bringing in vermin, I’m probably going catch mouse-disease. Bloody marvellous.